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Flux Return to Elements Festival

We are proud to announce our involvement in the upcoming 2024 Elements Music Festival Australia. In our time performing for this incredible Australian production, Flux have performed:

2020 Elements Festival - Saturday night show (fire)

2021 Elements Winter Event - Opening show (fire)

2021 Elements Festival - Opening show (pyrotechnics)

2022 Elements Festival - Opening show (pyrotechnics)

Elements Festival has always been an event that we hold close to our hearts. Having always strongly supported the arts, and always putting significant attention to detail in to the production. From epic stages, framed with lazers and gigantic flame units - to awesome music and strong culture.

Our 2024 production is gearing up to be an absolute cracker - where we will be fielding 4x pyrotechnic performers, and lighting up the stage with close proximity fireworks throughout the show - in what is set to be, once again an awesome hoorah!

Elements Festival is located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland (north of Brisbane), from the 25th to the 28th of January, 2024.

For tickets, head to


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