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Flux Entertainment BG

Kris Thiesfield & Madison Young are the co-founders of Flux. Both of these artists spent many combined years perfecting their craft and performing independently – before combining forces to create Flux in 2020 as a partnership. Flux was born from a mutual love and passion for flow arts, fire & object manipulation – which further developed into a love for pyrotechnics, and producing high-impact visual productions.


Flux love to do things mega – and are known nationally for providing incredibly high impact & unique shows, with a sense of style that is distinctively known as their own. They strive to always push the boundaries and present to the masses their unique style of impact, performance, and creativity.


Flux extended its service capabilities by introducing and providing shows & acts with other specialist and professional artists – carefully chosen to represent the Flux brand to the standard that they wish to deliver. With an incredibly strong, professional, and respectful team culture – Flux will always deliver the desired product with the right selection of performer(s) carefully chosen for the show.

Kris & Madison - Flux Entertainment

 Flux Entertainment

Pyrotechnics Performers

Flux has navigated the world of fireworks in Australia – with the intention of delivering a product that uses pyrotechnics as a performing artform. Inevitably – this has created a more futuristic, modern or somewhat new age artform that is taking Australia by storm. Being the only licensed fireworks performers in the nation, it doesn’t just stop at handheld fireworks. Flux has the ability to send pyrotechnics into the sky – and more recently has started adding these components to shows for added impact & effects to compliment the performance aspects.


Flux performances are very high impact, dynamic, choreographed productions, and are guaranteed to give you an experience through their art form which excites, inspires and moves you

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