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Australia's Got Talent 2022

About a year and a half has passed since Flux flew down to Sydney to audition in the 2022 series of Australia's Got Talent. We realised to this day, we had never published anything on the topic, and what the experience was like for us.

When we reflect on our time in Sydney with Fremantle and Channel 7 - it was an absolutely fantastic experience for us, and since that time has undoubtedly helped gain interest in our handheld fireworks act.

Not only did we partake in the audition (that was telivised), but we were also lucky enough to be invited to take part in the filming of the commerical for Channel 7 - which was aired alot during primetime Australian telivision in the leadup to the running of the series. We were alongside a group of other very talented performers, in a leaky, dark, industrial, old railway shed in central-west Sydney. Surrounded by awesome lighting, very high-tech camera gear, and a large production crew - the filming of the telivision commercial was one of the highlights of our time working with Channel 7 and Fremantle.

Our audition went great. We were limited to a slot just over 2 minutes in duration, which for us in significantly less than we are accustomed too.

We had Madison perform a short angle grinding act, Kris performed some pyro-dragon staff, followed by a partner pyro-double staff routine. All-in-all, we smashed our act whilst still being incredibly conservative, keeping plenty left up our sleeve for the semi-finals and final (should we progress).

We recieved a standing applause and 4 yes votes from the judges - we were stoked! Unfortunately though (and understanably), with the considerable amount of talent on the show - too many performers had been sent through to the semi-final and thus, they had to reduce the list and we were one of the acts to unfortunately be removed from the semi-final.

We were however, stoked with the experience, and happy that some sections of our act was telivised - and most importantly, we played a heavy role in the commercial that was aired daily on mainstream telivision for months! Should the opportunity to partake in Australia's Got Talent arise once again, we will most definitely throw our hat in the ring again!


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