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Australian Tattoo Expo 2023

Throughout 2023 we were fortunate enough to perform an entire year of shows for the Australian Tattoo Expo! We delivered fire shows in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and of course – our last round of shows coming up in Melbourne. Although we have not used any fireworks, it has been incredibly fun to be able to fully express ourselves with other impactful acts such as angle grinding acts, choreographed fire acts, fire whips and fire powder effects – to music that we absolutely love, to create impactful stage acts. We performed a total of 3 different shows per day, for 3 days per expo.

We have performed 27 shows for the Australian Tattoo Expo 2023 so far, with 9 Melbourne fire shows remaining. We love tattoos and tattoo culture, and being able to provide fire shows all year for the Australian Tattoo Expo was a dream for us, not to mention an amazing group of people to work with and a great atmosphere to perform high-impact shows.


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