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Fireworks Licensing & Security Clearances

A crucial element to being able to deliver our high impact shows involving fireworks around Australia is ensuring that we meet the appropriate government licensing requirements and national security checks.

We established that as performers (for independence with what we do, and industry best practice), it was essential that we undertook the relevant training to become our own licensed pyrotechnicians.

Furthermore, as industry best practice we have ensured that any performers that represent Flux have undergone a relevant national security check, and are provided with a state issued dangerous goods security clearance.

Our theory is that during shows – performers will often be handling explosives unsupervised. When providing large scale shows it is impossible for the licensed fireworks operators to always be supervising other performers, especially if the fireworks operators are performing themselves.

The state of Queensland having the strictest fireworks laws in the country, meant that attaining subsequent licensing in other states was relatively easy (New South Wales). We established that some states of Australia mutually recognise the Queensland license, and other states recognise the New South Wales license. Thus – holding fireworks licenses in these two states alone has opened up the door for us to provide our handheld fireworks (dancing with fireworks shows) nationwide.


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