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Flux Fire Powder

We are proud to announce the release of our hottest product - Flux Fire Powder. We have committed significant time and resources in to ensuring that what we can provide, is of the highest quality. Our Fire Powder sure did take some time, but now we are incredibly excited to have this product now available for purchase. Our Flux Fire Powder has been imported from the USA, and most definitely delivers the goods by producing a large, hot, bright flame effect when used.

It is recommended the user has received the appropriate training with flame effect powders. It is also suggested that whenever using a flame effect powder, that the performer provides the event/venue with the product safety data sheet along with insurance and risk documentation.

The trick to enjoying the full benefits of Flux Fire Powder, is to ensure that you have access to an appropriate club/prop suitable for handling/dispersing the powder. Once the prop has been filled with the powder, lightly soak the wicks. It is absolutely crucial to make sure that the powder does not absorb any moisture. Moisture leads to clogging of the powder. Thus - it is recommended that you never fuel the wick right to the top, and that you always use a steady hand.

Furthermore - many powder clubs have screws that attach the wicking to the club. The screws often provide small gaps in the club where the fuel can seep through the wick and in to the club, which can in turn impact the powder and cause clogging. Thus - it is recommended that when fueling a powder club, to ensure that fueling over top of the screws in the wicking is also avoided.


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