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Flux Fire Shows

Fire shows are where it all started for Flux. These days it is our handheld fireworks (dancing with fireworks) acts that gain the most attention and notice. However it is important to know that we still provide incredibly high-impact fire shows. Not everybody has the ability to accomodate our handheld pyrotechnics shows, be it restrictions with space, venue approval, or because the event may be runnning on a more limited budget. Our fire shows are still a fantastic addition to an event as another option to our handheld fireworks acts.

We love to deliver high-impact shows, so we endeavour to make our fire shows as bright and impactful as possible - with the addition of larger fire props, additives, fire effects and more impactful fire prop choices. Another key factor, is making sure that we still incorporate a high level of technical skill and object manipulation in our shows - plus still ensuring from start to finish that the entire show is tightly choregraphed to music.


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