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Performing in Remote & Outback Australia

Flux have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to deliver high-impact shows and entertainment outside of metropolitan and regional areas - to considerably more remote and outback areas of Australia.

Performing in outback and remote areas of Australia definitely has provided its challenges. We live on such a large, vast, sprawling landmass - and getting around often isn't as easy as jumping on a plane. Additionally - most of our remote shows involve pyrotechnics, and with no suppliers able to provide our batch tested pyrotechnics in these areas, we are often required to drive long distances.

Our longest ever drive for a performance, was 23.5 hours one-way (of drive time, not including breaks) to an outback community in channel country - to perform at their annual tourist event.

We don't just see these opportunities to perform in these distant places as 'work' (even though the workload and travel requirements are very substantial), but also an awesome opportunity to see our country, the wide variety of landscapes, terrain, flora, fauna and meeting the different types of people inhabiting these places - whilst being able to do what we love and bring our shows to their appreciative communities.

We have made some amazing memories and experienced some awesome things travelling rural Australia performing.

Agricultural shows, rodeos and other outback events are usually very large, integral events for these communities and will often not just draw in the local community, but the entire surrounding catchments - which could be thousands of people spread within several hours radius.

When travelling with dangerous goods, it's important to note that:

- We hold all relevant paperwork to carry the goods in these locations.

- We hold appropriate licensing, insurances and approvals.

- The goods are stored correctly for transport and we adhere to transport guidelines.

- We travel with a manifest.

- We drive carefully to road conditions.

- We research our routes and road conditions.

- We travel prepared.


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