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Personal Protective Measures During Handheld Fireworks Shows

If you ever see us performing one of our handheld fireworks (dancing with fireworks) shows, you will notice we will be wearing varying levels of personal protective equipment. We care about our bodies, safety, and establishing an industry best practice.

When performing with fireworks, wearing protective eyewear is an absolute must for us. When any of our crew perform, it is mandatory they wear protective eyewear during shows - and we ensure that all have been supplied the proper protective eyewear prior to any performances.

Respiratory masks - are also a must, and they will vary in size and type depending on the particular fireworks product that we use in a show. Some fireworks can produce a far greater smoke and gas output in comparison to other firework types. In these instances, we ensure that A1 respirator masks are to be worn. Some of these firework types can provide such strong amounts of smoke and gas, that without wearing these masks it would be physically impossible to perform the show, and there would be incredibly large health concerns for the performers.

We will occasionally perform with fireworks that provide a smoke output that is considerably less than the above product. We have a particular product that we use that is considered 'smokeless' - even though it isn't completely smokeless and does still have a gas output, it is significantly easier to perform with - and we can often use simple P1 masks, or dust masks during the show - these are significantly less bulky. This particular firework product is also suitable to indoor settings and performance environments with less ventilation.

Our costuming and show attire is always fire safe. We strive to ensure that what we wear for the most part - is comprised of natural fibres. Cotton and leather clothing are the foundations of our performance attire.

The above mentioned measures are a necessity to ensuring performer safety during what is considered to be an artform with significant risk factors.


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