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The difference between a handheld fireworks (pyrotechnics) show and a fire show.

There is occasionally confusion surrounding the differences in some of the show types that we provide – mostly between our handheld fireworks (pyrotechnics) shows and fire shows. Generally, when somebody asks – they just recognise the handheld fireworks (pyrotechnics) show as the bright, big sparkly show! We do occasionally, have viewers and customers that don’t really understand what

they are watching when we perform our handheld fireworks show.

Our handheld fireworks show requires individually securing fireworks (very well), to charged electrical props. Upon ignition (a two-switch system), the electrical current will fire the fireworks attached to the prop. We then proceed to dance, move, and execute the choreography or the moves/effects desired to fit the show or production.

The setup process alone involved in one of our fireworks acts is considerably lengthy. Depending on how large the show is, on average requires the best part of a day to individually secure and wire each piece of product to each prop. Some of our props take up to 8 fireworks. Prior to this, we need to ensure all props have been adequately charged. The show has been designed and rehearsed (music, choreography, transitions) – to timecode. Timing is incredibly important as we need to ensure that we are choosing firework/pyrotechnic effect durations to match/suit particular timings within selected audio pieces. When performing fire shows instead of handheld fireworks, this is not

as important as props can be lit and extinguished when required (provided there is still adequate fuel on the prop) to allow more fluidity within the show regarding start & finish times of certain acts.

Administration wise and legally – there is far more involved for us to be able to provide a handheld fireworks show than a fire show. All states of Australia require a submission of fireworks notification to an explosives department (or WorkSafe), plus occasionally special requests to be able to use them for theatrical or performance purposes. Not to mention, we also require fireworks licenses to be able to provide this show. Flux are currently the only handheld firework performers in Australia that hold fireworks licenses. Fire shows on the contrary, do not require any licensing!



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